About Holly

Hi! I’m Holly Mesa,

I am a certified life coach through The Life Coach School.  I am a Procrastination and Buffering Coach.   

I have been a procrastinator for most of my life.  I would buffer as a way to procrastinate but I didn’t know what it was.  For example if there was a task or something I didn’t want to do for work I would go in the pantry and eat all the things, go shopping or clean something.  If I was bored, stressed, restless I would do the same things.   Once I discovered life coaching I realized what I was doing was called Buffering and there are tools and strategies I could use.. 

Buffering is something we do to avoid negative emotion.  Buffering is something we do as a way to procrastinate or not feel our feelings.   There are many ways to buffer….overeating, overdrinking, netflixing, cleaning, shopping to name a few. 

Many of us regularly indulge in procrastination, delay getting what we truly want in life.

I believe we have dreams for a reason and that reason being that you’re supposed to evolve to the place where you can materialize your dreams.

If you have a compelling desire and you like your reason why you want something, I believe you need to go and  get it.

Most people never see their dreams come to life because of procrastination. They put off taking action toward what they want because they feel lazy, overwhelmed, fearful, or indulge in any other emotion that’s preventing them from creating something.

I can teach you the tools and strategies that you can start using today to defeat procrastination and buffering and save you time.